What's Wine on Tap?

​What is raw wine?

As the name implies, raw drink emphasizes the wine delivered directly from the place of origin. The packaging used is not traditional wine glass bottling, but a 100% recyclable vacuum drinking barrel, which can be stored for up to 3 months after the bottle is opened. The vacuum technology makes every cup as fresh as it was just opened. It not only avoids the cork pollution problem that traditional bottling may have, but also greatly reduces the cost of packaging. What gives consumers back is to make every penny It is really spent on the quality of the wine.

In this way, the store can greatly reduce the waste of wine, reduce the storage space required, and do not need to spend manpower and time to open the bottle, and can buy higher quality at the same price, and significantly reduce carbon in the entire supply chain. The footprint has been reduced by 94%. Come and try this more sustainable and zero waste drinking method!

The System

​Raw drink system

In fact, it is quite simple to use raw wine in the store. First of all, you need to set up a space for the drinking barrel in the work area. The size of the space depends on the number of items you want to use. Of course, you also need to install it. The capacity of each dipping barrel is equivalent to 26.7 bottles of wine. No matter what kind of product it is, it is carefully selected from A&L with characteristic and high-quality producing areas. The producer directly puts the wine into the dipping barrel, and then It is sent to each store, no matter whether there are bubbles or not, there is no need to add additional bubbles. The carbon dioxide layer in the drinking barrel will continue to push the inner bag containing the wine so that the wine is used until it is used up. It is completely vacuumed, so that every glass can be as fresh as a freshly opened bottle. There is no need to worry about wear, oxidation or cork contamination. If your work area does not have extra space, we also have mobile wine drinkers for you You choose.

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